Archangel Dataset-V2

Dataset is a support tool intended to help build out large scale Relational Database Management Systems. One of the key elements to any complex RDMS is a good User Interface to Create, Modify and Delete data in Table Rows, or Record Sets.

Database Management Systems have continued to evolve towards an internet based WAN model. In order to maintain this momentum, we intended on designing a fully functioning Database Tool that sits gently inside your web browser, while accessing and interfacing with all your web, API and local data sources.

If you ever worked on a wide scale database system, you have probably experienced the dread of generating a dozen or more functional data entry screens that allow data management for the dozens of support tables that prop up your ERP or CRM. Whether it’s EPICOR, SAGE or SALESFORCE, the out of the box system rarely plugs together nicely, and frequently requires abstraction layers to bring it all together.

This is where DataSet Shines.  You can build data screens, to read existing data, build secondary related data tables to accommodate customer and product data not handled by your core system. Manipulate and combine data from multiple tables and multiple data systems.

If you want to pull a Query from Sales Force, and collate it with your customer data from your ERP system, you can do that.

If you want to grab sublists of customers and send them to Active Campaign, you can do that too, and all of this allows you to organize your data where it is sourced and maintained in one location before distribution to all of your various peripheral systems.

If you need to create a system that updates pricing and availability in your WooCommere store based on choices and changed options available in your ERP, DataSet is the tool that lets you keep all of your data working together so that you don’t need to update customers and products in multiple locations and sources.

Build data entry screens for zip-codes, tax rates, shipping, packing materials or weights and measures.

Search by any field – Our data interface allows you to select any table field and search by partial words or full entries.

On the backend, all of the data is handled with PDO’s, so if you can find a driver for it, you can access data from dozens of database engines, and work with all the data concurrently. We built a shell class around PDO, and connected all the functionality to a front end engine, that reads the Data Schema and instantly builds a front end form, tailored to read and write data from the specified table or tables.

And as if we were not feeling ambitious enough, we decided that all of this belonged in a WordPress Plugin, so we could run WordPress on a local apache server, connect it to an ERP system, and link it to SalesForce and Our live WordPress Stores.

Archangel Dataset 1.0 Utility

Designed to Build Databases and Data Tables, DataSet is your “go-to” plugin for handling all of your data access requirements. 

Dataset was created with PHP, JAVASCRIPT and AJAX on a BOOTSTRAP framework. .

Dataset takes all of the pain out of dealing with data from multiple sources while providing a quick and easy form generator that lets you perform all the standard CRUD operations for table management.

PHP Data Objects (PDO’s) – DataSet is designed around PDO’s to help Maximize Security, Functionality, and Compatability.

Compatable Data Engines

All data handling uses Prepared Statements and Bound Parameters to help protect against SQL Injection Attacks!

  • Prepared statements reduce parsing time as the preparation on the query is done only once (although the statement is executed multiple times)
  • Bound parameters minimize bandwidth to the server as you need send only the parameters each time, and not the whole query
  • Prepared statements are very useful against SQL injections, because parameter values, which are transmitted later using a different protocol, need not be correctly escaped. If the original statement template is not derived from external input, SQL injection cannot occur.