Welcome to the Products Page. This site has been built as a demo. All of the products, including DataSet, Tonto SMS, Eye-P, MS Blocks, and Archangel 2023 are active working plugins but are not available to the general public. Please take your time and review the services I offer in the above menu. While I have an in depth history of Data Handling, Back End Infrastructure and Application Design, that doesn’t mean that I don’t do front ends.

This site has been designed as a demo by Michael Stein (that’s me!). While I have extensive experience with the original WordPress, which was heavily driven by PHP Server-side rendering, and I am experienced with Action Hooks and Filter Hooks, AJAX, Plugin and Theme design, … everything has changed with Gutenberg.  The newest Full Site Editing version with Gutenberg blocks hits the ball deep into right field.

I’d like to say it’s a Home Run, but I have grown to LOVE ReactJS, and even though WebPack will let you build JSX blocks for WordPress, much of React’s functionality is lost when using JSX with WordPress. WordPress stores your rendered HTML to the database, which defeats the majority of dynamic capabilities of ReactJS.

For this site, I grabbed a copy of WordPress TwentyTwentyThree, which was core designed for Full Site Block Editing and I added a Child Theme on top of it. It is lightly customized. I added code to populate the og social fields so that posts will render on social media, and create some custom templates. The site is 100% Hand Coded HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, ReactJS, and PHP.

The hand code was built in a plugin from scratch, with block elements registered into the WordPress framework so that they can be dragged into Templates, Pages and Posts.

The Products Screen has a FatNav Menu with 40 menu items, sub-menus, and text descriptions. All of the content in the FatNav menu is a custom block that uses the Featured Image, Title and Block Content from the pages built in WordPress, which are pulled from the WordPress Database using the REST API. This is a substantial deviation from earlier design of Widgets and Plugins which primarily used AJAX Requests and server-side rendering in the form of PHP Templates.

The Home page has Parallax elements as well as CSS animation, and the Contact page has a map and map markers. This isn’t a plugin, it’s 39 lines of code in a Custom HTML block, and a developers account with Google. Nothing is difficult or complicated with knowledge.

Again, due to the impaired functionality of ReactJS JSX Modules stored as rendered text (WordPress’s Model), I am looking forward to bringing more ‘pure’ React to WordPress in a headless fashion, using the Rest API.

I’ve worked extensively with Multi-Site WordPress, and have an excellent understanding of database structure, plugin management and security issues for Multi-Site, both from a management perspective and a Software Engineering perspective. I can design applications and plugins that work within the Multi-Site environment, and I have tailored WordPress BuddyPress in several versions from Stand-alone, to Network Wide Multi-Site, or to independent sites within a Multi-Site environment.

On the backend, I am well versed with cPanel and Linux and DOS installations of Apache and Red Hat, Ubuntu and Debian versions of Linux. I have extensive experience with SQL Server, and MySQL Queries, including Transaction SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers.

There are no plugins in use at this web site EXCEPT Contact Form 7, which I elected to use simply for the purpose of showing I didn’t need to code it ALL myself. Correction, I was very unhappy with the appearance and functionality of Contact Form 7. The contact form on the Home Page and Contact screen has now also been hand designed as a custom JSX Block, Contact Form for WordPress. It operates using JavaScript and WordPress’ admin-ajax.php module, to pull data from the form and send it to a custom php function that rebuilds the data into an SMTP Email. While SMTP is an old and simple format, that I have used many times in raw PHP, this example uses wp_mail() to build and send the email utilizing standard WP Back End functions.

As stated, the only plugin used in this site are the custom blocks I built in the MS Block Demo plugin. ( shown above )

When you say you are looking for a WordPress Developer or Front End Developer, You and I both know you are NOT looking for someone that can install Elementor as a Plugin, and drag and drop elements onto a page. I am a deep core programmer with intimate knowledge of the WordPress backend.

I am also experienced with SEO, marketing, publishing, and Social Networking integration, as well as RSS Feeds, SMS Integration with Twilio, credit card processing, and WooCommerce/eCommerce systems. I have a full breadth of Enterprise/ERP experience, as well as Business Intelligence, eMail campaigns, Google Analytics, Google Ads, OAuth 2.0, ReCAPTCHA, and Security.

I believe in the open-source model, and the fact that there are no restrictions on what you can do with it, except your own experience, imagination, skill, and knowledge! I like this because I bring Imagination, 40 years of experience and a deep hunger for knowledge.